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“Ever been a victim, Desmond?”
“Sometimes a good shot to the head when you’re a kid is all you need.”
“Is that what you call it, Desmond? A shot to the head?”
“No, I call it enlightenment.”
“Well, if that’s true, Desmond, you are the luckiest man alive.”
“I assure you; luck had nothing to do with it…”

Desmond Luca was content to pastor his little Nebraska church until—the enlightenment came. Now his rise from small town minister to mega-church superstar brings with it questions: Pastor or Predator?

Paul Trimble wondered. After hitting a bridge abutment at full speed, Paul’s obsession with the TV preacher causes him to question why he is being stalked by Desmond, the same man he blames for his accident and permanent disfigurement.

FBI agent, Stormie Lamonica is bent on uncovering the truth. Serial murders, child abduction, strange happenings? All in rural Nebraska. All in the same town. All with the same people and Desmond Luca right in the middle of it.
Man of God? Or something more heinous?

Road Rage is the introduction of character, Stormie Lamonica.
Watch for the first installment of the Stormie Lamonica series, Cain.



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