Children and Young Adult

Shenandoah Place was looking forward to the summer of her young life when she arrived in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado as a staff member of Eagle Timber Camp, aka. Camp ETC. The summer of her life would happen, but at the hands of two inept criminals, Alvin and Calvin Cruickshank who had buried a body along with eight million dollars twenty-five years earlier. Problem: The camp built a library over the spot in the meantime.
Now Shenandoah and Erik Dymond, the head boy’s coordinator, along with other team members and a couple of day campers, must thwart the efforts of the Cruickshanks and escape from their clutches to alert the authorities.
Camp ETC is an adventure fraught with action, fun, mayhem and even an arrow in the foot that the entire family will enjoy reading.

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Aliens have landed from the Planet Pluto and the 13 Kiddo children need to find out why.

The Kiddos Vol. 1 Available here on Amazon

The Colorado Kids Investigation Club are in for an adventure. It seems the old barn they play in, is haunted. Davey, Nikki, Coco and T.J. don’t really care though, until one day, Davey and T.J. make a discovery that will change their lives forever. Amidst a whirlwind of mystery and intrigue, the kids discover new friends, both human and otherwise. These allies will help them on their quest for the truth about the old barn and its secrets.

The Barn Available here on Amazon