Dessa’s Review of Calico Canyon


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Set in 1867, Grace Calhoun is an abused runaway orphan trying to escape her adoptive father by becoming a school marm. She finds herself in a small Texas town in which everyone and their grandma seemed to have twins or triplets.
The three story lines never quite seemed to intersect and were left hanging. Which makes me nervously fear that there will be a sequel. 

I found the villian to be a bit cartoonish and unbelievable.

I enjoyed the interactions of the 5 rambunctious brothers, who just happened to be a set of twins and a set of triplets.

I believe that this book would best appeal to conservative Christian middle school girls and if that is the target audience, then Mary Connealy is right on. 

I enjoyed Mary Connealy’s dialog but would have liked more depth to the story and characters. 


By her own admission, Tredessa is not a professional book critic but a melancoly, plegmatic and a former consertive Christian middle school girl. She is now a minister to “at risk” communities in the inner city of Denver and an international Christian minister to orphans in Venezuela.


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