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I have been amiss in getting to all of the reviews that my buddies have been putting in, so I am putting them together in one post…

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Try Darkness
I don’t usually like serial books, but I make an exception for this one.
Very well written.  After losing his fiance in a freak car accident, Ty Buchanan is convinced that it was no accident.  He finds himself trying to survive on the streets of LA while proving his fiance was murdered.
Try Darkness – Ty finds himself living in St.Monica’s with a basketball-playing nun and a fallen priest.  He offers legal services to the poor and underrepresented.  He stands up for what is right and does not back down from the big and prestigious law firm that was his former employer. 
A great story, hard to put down..  Am looking forward to the next one.

All Through The Night
Two wounded and hurting people come together to solve a mystery.  Can they ever come to terms with their past and build a future?
Wayne, a soldier and a financial wizard, uses his physical strength and analytical skill to face a conspiracy. Can Tatyana, a lawyer, trust him enough to open up to him? Can Wayne talk about his past and move on to a life with God in charge? 

The Edge of Recall
Dave, Just finished this one while was waiting for my car at Go Honda.
Had a little trouble getting into this one.  But it was a very good book once I did.
Tessa witnesses a very traumatic event at the age of six. Plagued by nightmares since childhood, she searched for God trying to make sense out of them.  She is an expert in labyrinths and is offered a job reconstructing a Colonial-era labyrinth by a colleague. In the process, she is assaulted and a real nightmare begins.
Tessa finally remembers the events that started the nightmares and is able to put them behind her only after confronting the one person who has tried to protect her.  She is very brave and determined to deal with her past. 

A Passion Redeemed
Awesome book. I was hard to put down.  Charity is a very determined young lady and will go to great lengths to get what she wants., including the man she loves.  Then she meets Mitch, her sister’s fiance.  But is that enough to stop her determination?  Will Mitch be able to resist Charity’s charms?  He will need all of his faith in God to help overcome the temptations Charity puts in his way.



John 3:16

Very Good.  A tragedy in a Midwestern college town leaves Roman Paulson questioning God’s existence.  After his wife’s death, his whole life is centered around his son, Billy.  When God comes into Billy’s life through his football coach, Roman feel he has been pushed aside.  This is a story of greed, ambition and bitterness and how it can affect the lives of several people, all bound together by a single event.  Will Roman have the courage to hold up a sign at a football game with the message John 3:16?  “A life of self is death, but the death of self is life.”



Up Pops The Devil

Up Pops the Devil – Awesome book.  Preacher, having just been released from prison, is trying to lead a Christian life which he found while in prison.  But everything and everyone seems to be against him.  The women in his life all have other plans for him.  The devil is trying very hard to get him to fall back into his old life. 
This shows what lengths the devil will go to get us to live our lives for him. With everything around him ready to explode, Preacher hangs onto his new found faith to see him through. It takes a lot of faith not to give in.


The Bride Bargain

Clara and her aunt get kicked off the wagon train heading for Oregon. Agreeing to stay in Buttonwood, Nebraska, until spring, Clara makes a bargain with the owner of the local general store.  All she has to do is find a bride for his handsome doctor son. Doesn’t sound too difficult. But things don’t go exactly according to her plans.

Broken Angel
 I had a little trouble with this one.  It could have given more background information in the beginning.  Caitlyn and her father are trying to escape from a state run by controlling fundamentalists.  Reading is a crime, citizens are drugged into submission and anyone who breaks the rules is sent to slave labor or stoned to death. Caitlyn and two companions are aided by a sort of “underground railroad“. This is a very futuristic novel with suspense filled ending. 

Deep in the Heart of Trouble
Deep in the Heart of Trouble: Tone Morgan disenherited by his late father, penniless and looking for work.  Essie, runs  father’s oil company. Both very determined, come together and make for a very explosive combination. Excellent reading.



A Mending at the Edge.     Emma’s journey continues as she tries to find her place in her 1860’s religious community. She was a woman born before her time. She knew what she wanted for herself and her family and would do whatever it took to achieve that.
When the Morning Comes.     Hannah left her Old Order Amish community under circumstances that were not her fault, because no one would believe in her.  She managed to find her aunt who left under similias cirmcumstances.  Through hard work and determination she managed to put her life back together.

Crimson Eve
A story of the tragedies that selfish choices can wreak and the lives they can hurt.  We don’t live just for ourselves, but what we do can affect so many people.  Very good book with a surprise ending.



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