Carolyn’s Corner…

Carolyn is a great friend of mine that is an avid reader and so I asked her to weigh in on some book reviews…



We have 6 kids (combined)
  10 grandchildren
    5 great grandchildren
 Hobbies :  like to travel and visit national parks.  Infact, we are leaving 7/22 and going to Ohio and Kentucky by way of Montana, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Canada. Now that I have retired we hope to take that trip to Alaska, maybe next summer.
Hobbies include reading, of course. And what would I do without my computer, I admit I like to play games.
I like several authors: Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, Ann Rice, John Grisham, James Patterson, John Jakes.
I am very pasionate about my family and church. I am helping with women’s ministry.  We are planning a retreat for next April. 
I keep busy going to the grandkids ball games.
I have been busier after retirement than when I was working!


See Carolyn’s reviews here:


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