Stormie Lamonica Series

All cover designs by Stormie (Rhoades) Haag

Listed in chronological order of release dates.

Road Rage

Release in September of 2013, Road Rage is the haunting story of struggling pastor, Desmond Luca immersed in his battles at church as well as thinking he may be abandoned by God.  Through a physical trauma, he discovers a supernatural capacity to see the hidden areas in people’s lives, see into a limited future and teleport himself at will.

This small town Nebraska pastor must then decide whether to use this ability to help others or for his own gain.

When several young people whom Desmond are associated with go missing, including a child; he will come face to face with the investigators from the FBI’s unit to handle such matters: CASMIRC The Child Abduction and Serial Murder Investigative Resources Center, namely Stormie Lamonica and Carlos Martinelli.

Road Rage is a terrifying look into the human spirit guided by supernatural forces unknown.

Enjoy the ride.

(Although Road Rage was not technically a Stormie Lamonica novel, it is the introduction of her character and forms all that is to come.)


For behold, Cain, the prophet of death will be loosed on this creation and will visit his destruction upon human kind; and all shall be touched by the spirit of the prophet from this day forward until the coming of the end… -unknown

Would a serial killer hide his victims in a hurricane? Stormie Lamonica is about to find out.

Stormie and partner, Carlos Martinelli’s travels will take them from Colorado back to Nebraska and then to New Orleans, LA in search of bizarre and burgeoning serial murders and a series of uncommon and unexplained bodies literally popping up in the wake of one of the most devastating hurricanes in United States history.

Released on December 15, 2015 on Amazon, CAIN was the first installment in the Stormie Lamonica series from York Street Press.

What readers are saying about CAIN:

…This book kept my interest with multiple story lines and well defined characters. Laced with humor, the relationship between Stormie and Carlos were enjoyable. I now have a better understanding of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina and the impact on the people in that area…   C.F.- Denver, CO

…Every book by this author has been a show-stopper and this one is no different. The characters were funny, eerie, engaging, creepy, and “hey I know someone like that!”. Possibly my favorite book by him… K.K.-Denver, CO

…Wow! There was no reading this in a hurry. The characters are described in such a way that you can “see” them, and track their actions. I could almost think I know them, and maybe I do!. Good read! Good characterization… S.K – Southern Colorado

…Awesome book, as are all of this authors books. Fast paced, yet not hard to follow. Love the story and can’t wait to see more about Stormie. A real eye opener into some of the aftermath of Katrina… D.K. -Peoria, IL

…Don’t miss this book if you like thrillers! At first this book reminded me of a long ago Patricia Cornwell novel I had read. Or maybe the show Criminal Minds. If you love to hate the bad guy, you will like this one. The details of the crimes were thorough. Believe me I will be watching over my shoulder in dark places making sure I’m not being watched… D. W. –Cookeville, TN

…Love the Stormie Lamonica series! Action packed right from the start. Definitely a page turner. I enjoyed the multiple story lines & how things tied in. Can’t wait for the next installment. My daughter and I read this together, & we both agree: More Stormie Lamonica, please!.. H.W — Denver, CO

Source: Amazon reader reviews


How easy is it to abduct a child?

FBI Agents Stormie Lamonica and Carlos Martinelli know all too well. Only 1% of all child abductions are considered random, that 1% hits Colorado again.

While working on the Tuckus case, an at-large serial murderer with a very specific M.O., Stormie and Carlos are caught off guard when Carlos’s niece is taken from her church in the middle of the day and in the midst of thousands of people. Was it happenstance they chose her or intentional to bait the FBI? And does the incident have anything to do with Stormie’s own mother disappearing?

Stormie grapples with the stress of a trifecta of mayhem. A serial abductor, serial murder and missing mom. How much can one agent take without shooting everyone in sight, including some of her incompetent co-workers?

To the world 1% is a trivial number, but to Stormie and Carlos, it is everything.

Released in September of 2022

The Tailor

Stormie Lamonica and Carlos Martinelli are at it again.

“As long as evil is in the house, murder will be a cottage industry”.

And these murders are the most unusual they have ever encountered; someone is sewing young women into human dolls. 

Released January 2024