11 RUBEN SANTIAGO-HUDSON, SUSAN SULLIVAN, MOLLY QUINN, NATHAN FILLION, STANA KATIC, TAMALA JONES, JON HUERTAS, SEAMUS DEVERAt times when someone tells you they have stopped watching a show it may have, for some reason, an underlying principle of conviction or moral ethics. Not so for these two shows. I have been a fan of both. I’ve bought the DVD’s of the past seasons, yes, I’ve not relied on Hulu for these. DVD’s are to Hulu what actual paper books are to Ebooks.

Castle: It seems, at least in my opinion, that Castle has moved away from it’s uniqueness and fallen in with all the other wise-cracking, over simplification of the omniscient main characters who are crime solving geniuses. I like the cast, don’t get me wrong. Although it seems like Jon Huertas lines always begin with: “Yo, check it out.”  But why were we first drawn to Castle as a show? Because he was a mystery writer who’s literary skills helped him solve the murder each week. He was a unique pet for the police to have. What do we have now? Check the box marked YES if you want Becket to be your girlfriend. I understand character development and that there has to be a progression in the relationship of Castle and Becket. I know that that relationship has to move on and not become stagnate. However, was that what the show was about to begin with?

Sorry, the show is  not called: Castle loves Becket. We already had that in 1972 called Bridget loves Bernie. And if you followed that show, you will remember that it didn’t last six months and by the way, neither ultimately, did the marriage of Meredith Baxter(Birney) to David Birney.

No, the thing that has made me close the chapter on Castle and place it on the dusty shelf along with the other, ready to be donated books, is: It’s not about the writing any more. That, as an author, is what drew me to the show to begin with. Really cool concept. Really good sleuthing the first few seasons. I haven’t watched it for a while, but when was the last time that Rick had his famous author buddies over for poker? I was hoping to see more of the real people, the ones who actually spend the months putting the stories on the page. I waited with expectancy as Stephen King might take the place of the late Stephen J. Cannell dealing a few hands.

One of my favorite episodes is one called: The Dead Pool. Which brings in the cocky young novelist(Alex Conrad played by Brendan Hines) that has just had his first best seller and has the world by the tail. Castle brings the newly crowned author to the poker table for a reality check and to sit in with such greats as: Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane. Connelly says to Conrad after the kid spouts off on how much he knows about best sellers: Connelly-“You know what I did after I wrote my first best seller?” Conrad-“No, what?” Connelly – “I shut up about it and wrote 15 more.”

That, for me, was what Castle used to be and now has let the magic lay in a chalk covered outline and bleed away. I’m not opposed to the program, may occasionally watch it again, might even buy more of the seasons on DVD, but no longer a priority on Monday nights. Under the Dome is on, you know.:) Too many other good shows and not enough time. Which is, by the way, why I have Hulu and Netflix.

The Mentalist:

As for the Mentalist, I can’t find it anymore! Why did they move it from Thursday nights? I never remember to watch it. We still love Simon Baker!

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