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2013 Best Pictures

                    I was looking back at my drafts and failed to publish this one. A little late, but just in case […]

Thoughts on Valentines…

I find the different stages in married life and even relationship life quite interesting. If I were to go to Walmart this day, right now, February 14, 2013 at 11:31 […]

Numeric Love- The New Math

I’m not a Numerologist, but God did set the order of the universe in place with mathematics… I’m just saying. NEW MATH. We always heard that term when we were in […]

Just Released!

Purchase your autographed copy today! click here “Ever been a victim, Desmond?” “Sometimes a good shot to the head when you’re a kid is all you need.” “Is that what […]

For My Baby

A few years ago today my baby, Jeanie was born.                 And 31 years ago she became officially mine. When two people have […]

Heaven Fest Ho!!!! Book-signing.

Yes folks, just a few more days until Heaven Fest 2011! My family founded the massive Christian music festival which last year saw over 27,000 in attendance! This year we […]

Altar Special !!!!

Altar Now available in Kindle! Click here or: Buy Altar from me and I will autograph it to anyone you want for a gift  and mail it to them from […]


The Sacred Cipher  Kregel Publications (July 31, 2009)  by  Terry Brennan Terry is also a great friend, read the book! It’s great!!!! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Over the past 35 years, […]