math boardI’m not a Numerologist, but God did set the order of the universe in place with mathematics… I’m just saying.

NEW MATH. We always heard that term when we were in school and it terrified me. I wasn’t that great in math anyway. Physics and Chemistry I got good grades. How I ever got through Physics and Chemistry without being good in math, I’ll never know. Of course back then we blew things up in class and tested the velocity of a bullet coming out of a .357 in class, so what was NOT to like. 🙂 And why could we do things like that back then? Because we had sense and respected life. But that’s another post entirely.

THE METRIC SYSTEM! That was dangled in front of our noses like the coming nuclear war. Duck and cover. They made school desks more sturdy back then, because getting under them would protect you from a nuclear blast. Dang IKEA desks now! Anyway, I digress. I thought, I can’t even learn these times tables and now you’re going to tell me I have to figure out the difference between a yard and a meter just because Great Britain measures their futbol stadiums that way? Little did I know that all it was really going to calculate into was, how much Mt. Dew can I get into an over-sized green plastic bottle!

Ever think that the same numbers might start cropping up in our lives over and over again?

So I have recently been thinking about that and I came up with my own math. Love Math or Numeric Love.

59+5 =32

or here’s a good set of fractions that go along with it…


So the fractions:

5/26 + 7/23 =32

How the heck does this make sense? Just watch…

But first, what is the common denominator in these little equations?


Well let me explain what I was thinking…

In 1981, Jeanie and I dated for 59 days. Is it also a coincidence that we were both born in ’59’ ?

Or that 59/9 (The 9  is the number of children that we have including the spouses) = 6.555555555555556 which if you round up, with the birth of Kai is the number of grandchildren that we have.

Here’s our fractions expanded and explained: Our first date was on 5/26/1981 and we married 59 days later on 7/23/1981.

32 years ago!

My mom died Jan 10 1982 at the age of___ yes, you guessed it, 59!

My dad recently passed away December 15, 2012 at age 90

If you take 90-59=31 (1 number off of 32)


Okay, so stay with me.

The total number of days between Sunday, January 10th, 1982 and Saturday, December 15th, 2012 is 11,297 days.


This is equal to exactly 30 years, 11 months, and 5 days. Nearly 31 which is only 1 number off of 32. 

(Side note: take the years (30), months(11) and days(5) and add them together – 30+11+5=46. Then take my age 53 and subtract 46 from it you get 7 – Me, Jeanie and the 5 original kids 🙂


11,297 days is equal to 1613 weeks and 6 days.

If we take 1613 and divide it by one of our magic numbers, 59, it comes to 27.3

I was 27.3 years old the year that Stormie was born!

I’m just saying, if you sit and figure long enough, all your numbers make sense…

So 59 days plus 5 kids = 32 years of marriage. And

5/26/81 + 7/23/81 = 32 years of marriage.

See? It all comes out right in the end.

And who says I wasn’t good in math in school 🙂


(I can’t help it, I’ve been sitting for weeks now trying to pull things together so that Zack Tucker will get out of the situation I have him in in the sequel to Altar, so give me a break.)


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