A few years ago today my baby, Jeanie was born.









And 31 years ago she became officially mine.

When two people have been together as long as we have, they know each other. I know her better than anyone on the planet because our life becomes the Story of Us.  I know the timeline of her life: from childhood to adolescence to the teen age years.   I know of her fears and festivals. Her tears and triumphs. Her misgivings and magnificence.

I met her on a now defunct college campus 60 miles from the Canadian border. And we hit it off, we became a couple, we fit together, we matched, we married.
And our natural outgrowth of life together, babies came, lots of babies. And those who know us know that after babies came husbands and wives and now lots of grand babies with more on the way…












And a wonderful life continues…










So let me tell you why I love you, Jeanie and I will back it up with some

of my favorite pics of you through the years. I know you will say don’t publish them, but since they are MY favorites (at least some) I can 🙂



I loved the periwinkle dress. This was on campus when I first fell in love. The pic isn’t that great but she was!
 The pics are in somewhat random order because Word Press won’t cooperate with me.
You can all see why I fell in love with her.
A great wife.
A wonderful mom.
And now and outstanding Nonna.
I have loved you my Jeanie with an everlasting love. You are such a stellar human being and most of the time you don’t even realize it. You have been my steadfast rock in a tumultuous river for three decades now. You love like no one alive that I know.
You give without expecting anything in return.
You love for the love of love.
You worship unabashedly.
I love to hear you laugh, it fills the room.
I love to see you in your garden, surrounded by the life you have given.
I love to see you with those grandbebes, surrounding them with unconditional love.
You are my light and life and friend.
I love you.
I love spending my life with you.
Happy Birthday, my love…


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