How easy is it to abduct a child?
FBI Agents Stormie Lamonica and Carlos Martinelli know all too well. 1% of all abductions are considered random, that 1% hits Colorado again.
While working on the Tuckus case, an at-large serial murderer with a very specific M.O., Stormie and Carlos are caught off guard when Carlos’s niece is taken from her church in the middle of the day and in the midst of thousands of people. Was it happenstance they chose her or intentional? And does the incident have anything to do with Stormie’s own mother disappearing?
Stormie grapples with the stress of a trifecta of mayhem. A serial abductor, serial murder and missing mom. How much can one agent take without shooting everyone in sight, including some of her incompetent co-workers?
To the world 1% is a trivial number, but to Stormie and Carlos, it is everything.

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